Friday, October 19, 2007

So Long, Joe.

Ok well, Joe is gone.

Let's be blunt about this.

I myself didn't partake much in the Joe Torre debate over the last few years. Everyone knows his bullpen managment is suspect, but everyone also knows that the Yankees have made the post season 12 years in a row.

I very much disliked what they did to Torre, he did deserve to be treated better. To fly him down there take him away from his comfort zone and put him in a spot like they did, was an ugly choice by the Yankees brass.

Heres the thing, the Yankees are a business and because of that, they need to sometimes make hard and unpopular choices. It can't always be friendly.

As a team, as a business, the Yankees demand perfection. They passionately want to put winning teams on the field. They tried to play Torre, and he called them on it. Now, change happens.

Things are electric right now, but they'll calm down. The Yankee will hire a new manager, he'll have a tough task, but this is the Yankees. They respond to this kind of thing.

Try not to get caught up in the media tornado that's going on right now. ESPN and the like hate the Yankees. They'll milk this for as long as they can. Just remember that change is always inevitable, but this is the Yankees. Don't forget about the players. Don't forget that despite what happened with Torre, the Yankees brass knows what they're doing. This team will shape up and although many of us will miss Joe, things will work out in end.


Charles L. Wallace said...

D, thank you for that positive thought :-)

Of COURSE we'll be fine. Man, it's going to be interesting to see how it all plays out...

Anonymous said...

nice positive thinking dman. and you're right, the yankees have been through worse.
its important to note that "they" did not fly joe down there - he requested to go and meet face to face (true class)-i think they were going to make the offer over the phone via cashman (truly classless).
You are wrong in one thing though, right now this particular batch of yankees brass doesn't seem to know what they are doing. or at least they committed a serious error on their first play.
but we fans love the team, the pinstripes, the legends. joe is and always will be a yankee great, randy levine never will. so lets hope it was just one bad play and not a harbinger of things to come. next year we have the baby bombers to watch - that will be good. and whether its mattingly or girardi - at least we know they are yankees at heart so we'll root for them too.

Andrea said...

This is probably one of the best reactions to this situation that I've read thus far.

saucy said...

I was at game 4 and something that will probably stand out in my mind forever was stopping in the east village (where i was parked) for pizza before driving home. for some reason i almost expected someone to joke or say something rude about the yankees losing.

still with my hat and jersey on, one girl in one of those blue yankee t-shirts asked me if i was at the game. "aww, sorry" she said after i answered. i must have looked a lot more depressed than i thought i did. i asked her if she was there too and she said yes, then went back to the table with her boyfriend.

then i was talking to another guy about the game and he finished with "well, i guess you got to see Torre's final game as a Yankee". i nodded and walked to a table with my pizza and started eating, at which point i realized that the first girl i spoke to and her boyfriend both had Torre's name and number on the back of their yankee shirts.

not that crazy or anything, but like i said, i think the fact that it was Torre's final game in pinstripes, i'll probably remember that moment forever...