Friday, December 14, 2007

It Means Very Little.

This investigation is a joke.

First, the main guy in this ridiculous 400 page document is Kirk Radomski. Who agreed to a plea deal in exchange for giving over information. Lets go over that again. He serves LESS time in jail by giving out names..

There is nothing in this plea deal that states he has to give EVIDENCE in relation to the names hes giving out. Just names.. Come on now..

Secondly, we all know that Mitchell is on the board of the Red Sox. He is a director. Unpaid or not, he has a bias.

Even if he is somehow the most honest man in the country, there is an unconscious instinct that we all have, to protect things that we have value in.

This investigation was basically 2 people giving names.. That's not much of an investigation.. Do we really believe that 2 people ran the entire steroid scandal in Baseball? Give me a break..

Nothing should come from this. Congress should stay out of baseball, and the league shouldn't suspend anybody. This report is full of holes. Anybody that actually breaks it down, instead of just comparing the names and the numbers of players on a certain team, will see that it is very weak.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

No Santana for the Yankees

At least for now..

We all know that Hank has told everyone that the dealing for Santana is over.. I'm always hesitant in the world of baseball to call anything 'over' because, we know that nothing is 'over' until theres 0 chance left..

Personally I couldn't be happier about it.

I'll never argue that having Santana at the top of the rotation is a bad thing, but, hes 29 years old with a lot of innings on that arm already.

Meanwhile, Hughes and Kennedy's' journey is just beginning, and I for one want to watch it. I would have been very sorry to see them go.

I think a rotation made up of (in no real order..) Wang, Pettitte, Moose, Kennedy, Hughes, and of course, Joba, has the potential to be very good.

The Yankees really need to keep on focusing on their bullpen.. Joba needs to join the rotation, and I don't want any second-guessing that move this year because of struggles by the bullpen..

Can Farnsworth hold his own in a set up role? The Yankees brass is staying optimistic.. But we all know we'll be holding our breath with every pitch..

The bullpen really will be the most important part of this team.. It seems like the Yankees know that this year, so I'm feeling optimistic too.

Monday, December 3, 2007