Friday, December 14, 2007

It Means Very Little.

This investigation is a joke.

First, the main guy in this ridiculous 400 page document is Kirk Radomski. Who agreed to a plea deal in exchange for giving over information. Lets go over that again. He serves LESS time in jail by giving out names..

There is nothing in this plea deal that states he has to give EVIDENCE in relation to the names hes giving out. Just names.. Come on now..

Secondly, we all know that Mitchell is on the board of the Red Sox. He is a director. Unpaid or not, he has a bias.

Even if he is somehow the most honest man in the country, there is an unconscious instinct that we all have, to protect things that we have value in.

This investigation was basically 2 people giving names.. That's not much of an investigation.. Do we really believe that 2 people ran the entire steroid scandal in Baseball? Give me a break..

Nothing should come from this. Congress should stay out of baseball, and the league shouldn't suspend anybody. This report is full of holes. Anybody that actually breaks it down, instead of just comparing the names and the numbers of players on a certain team, will see that it is very weak.


Charles L. Wallace said...

Even if there is no impropriety, there is the APPEARANCE of impropriety. Any reasonable person could discern that. Mitchell should have honourably declined when asked to investigate.

I am not sure which I am more sick of: Dirt Dogs smearing our heroes and claiming the past few championships are tainted, or bandwagon Yankees fans essentially doing the same. Losers.

Nevertheless, Merry Christmas, D! Here's hoping for an excellent 2008 for ya and all in Yankeeland :-)

Ethan Michaels said...

Why should the government intervene when regular people use illegal drugs, yet not get involved when professional sports players use illegal drugs and model that behavior for young sports fans throughout America. Whether you'd like to admit it or not, this report is actually quite important. It's the only one of it's kind to be released about any sport, as far as I know. And depending on what comes of McNamee's likely law suit of Clemens, it could play a large role in keeping Clemens out of the Hall, or at least hurting his chances to get in.

Ethan Michaels