Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Why It's Fun to Be a Yankees Fan in Boston

I joke a lot about how it can be tough to be a Yankees fan in these parts, but these types of stories are getting more and more frequent, and frankly it's pathetic.

I'm as passionate about baseball as anybody, but at the end of the day, it's a game.

"Then the mob of Red Sox fans allegely threw the victim to the ground and repeatedly kicked him."

What's really sad about the whole thing isn't the story itself, which can probably be explained away by to much alcohal. What's sad, is that there will be Red Sox fans who are happy about this. People who think this kind of stuff shows some sort of Red Sox pride. People who think that their fans are better because they start fights over baseball. You stay classy Red Sox fans.


Andrea said...

That is really sad. At the Stadium once, I saw 2 Red Sox fans get in a fight. With each other. THAT was ridiculous.

Ron W. said...

The worst for people in the South Bronx are the constant racist taunts from Red Sox fans. I once pointed out that David Ortiz and I have the same color skin and they told me that “Big Papi knows his place.” That’s quite an “organization” they got up there.