Thursday, April 3, 2008

Not as Bad as it Seemed...

But still not all that good either...

A.J. Burnett dominated the Yankee hitters last night, pitching like the #2 starter he is and Moose pitched more like a 5th starter, which is really what he should be on this team. He's not going to give them the amount of innings a team needs out of a #3 starter.

I believe the hitting will come around shortly. It always seems that early in the season, the pitchers have a great advantage over the hitters. Moose was an exception to this rule last night, because it's hard for a batter to not hit a 84 MPH fastball.

I expect Moose to get better once he settles into the regular season routine, but I still don't see him giving this team more than #4 starter numbers.

Phil Hughes takes the mound tonight, and I think all of Yankee universe is excited about that. Hopefully its warmer at the stadium for tonight's game. Everybody looked freezing last night.

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Todd Drew said...

Phil Hughes was excellent tonight. This was a very good win. The weather was fine in the Bronx tonight, but it did start raining about 15 minutes after the last out and it’s coming down pretty good now.