Thursday, May 22, 2008

Turning Point.

Yesterday could end up being a day that Yankee fans point to later in the season as the day things turned around.

Up until yesterday, the Yankees seemed almost bored to be playing. Yesterdays win was a good one. The whole team looked alive, and I hope they hold onto that feeling.

It was also announced, that Joba Chamberlain is beginning his switch to the starting rotation. He threw 35 pitches last night, which is more than he has thrown all year.

There's no word on how long it'll take to get him there, but this is an exciting change.

Don't count the Yankees out yet. They are still capable of stringing some wins together and getting back into race.


Anonymous said...

Dman, I agree with you....don't count the Bombers out just yet. The long days of summer are still to come. -mlm

Anonymous said...

Dman - good call - the team needed to hit bottom to find their motivation. Hopefully with Arod back, Posada on his way back and the news about Joba, they'll start playing like the team they really are.

Anonymous said...

If the Yankees stay focused they can sweep the Mariners this weekend.