Sunday, October 19, 2008

Already Over.

It's tough to sit here waiting for the game to start.

I think everyone knows the Rays aren't going to win. I think even the Rays know that.

It really is like watching a movie when you already know the ending.

I wish I knew how to bet online, I'd have placed a lot of money on the Sox after their come from behind win.

This probably sounds really negative, but I don't mean to be. In my mind it's just a fact already. The Rays don't have it anymore, and I wouldn't be surprised if this collapse followed them into next season.

Having to go to work here in Boston tomorrow will be no picnic.

But hey it's just a game... Right?

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primo said...

Dman...I understand your feelings since you are buried by pro Red Sox comments every day. Not to mention the anti Yankee garbage. You have courage running this blog. But the Red Sox fell short tonight and the Tampa Bay Rays are going to the World Series. Keep the blog going!