Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Man Ram

My cousin sent me a text message today saying 'We don't need Manny!'.

I tend to agree with that. I think the Yankees are pretty balanced as a team right now.

If anything, what they need is more bench help and another starter.

Manny could become interesting if his price continues to drop. I'm as worried as anyone about his club house attitude, but who really knows how blown out of proportion it really is.

In the end I think Manny stays with the Dodgers or maybe ends up with the Angels. But once those teams make an offer, expect Scott Boras to let every other team know about it. If the Yankee we're interested, that's when you'd see them make an offer of their own.


She-Fan said...

Glad to see you're posting again. Yeah, Manny should end up with the Dodgers but I'm amazed how slowly things have moved. I figured he'd be signed by now - and not by the Yankees.

primo said...

No one knows where Manny will land. It will come soon enough, spring training next month.

I Hate the Sox more than Hitler said...

welcome back!
Also glad to see you're back to posting

Keep the Faith brother!