Monday, May 11, 2009


Robinson Cano is a confusing player.

He has a great, smooth swing and at times looks like a world class hitter.
However other times he looks lost, impatient and out of his league.

It?s becoming very hard to judge him, because his numbers year to year are so different.

Really, his numbers within the season are also a bit strange and he's still struggling with men on base. He hit's .380 with the bases empty and .412 when there's a runner on first, but that drops to .231 with a runner on second and down to .186 with RISP. Still, despite those terrible stats he's still fourth on the team in RBI?s and third in Runs.

Another strange occurrence: he?s hitting .407 in day games (54 AB?s) and just .260 at night (77 AB?s).

He's a hard player to figure out and he's slumping bad right now, but when that swing is working he puts on a clinic. As a team (aside from Damon) the Yankees numbers with RISP need to go up but Cano's numbers, I think, are the most surprising.

I like where he's hitting in the lineup lately. The 7 spot is a good place for him. Some people point to his average and want him behind Matsui or A-Rod, but I don't think he's suited (yet) for that role. He needs to become a better all around hitter.

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