Thursday, June 5, 2008

Swing and a...

Well, Giambi crushed a HR and gave the Yankees a great dramatic win.

Meanwhile, the Yankees drafted Garrit Cole...

Who was number #7 on Rivals top 100

It's pretty incredible that he fell to 28. Some scouts believe he has one of the most explosive fastballs of any pitchers in the draft.

They also drafted LHP Jeremy Bleich out of Stanford. He might not be somebody that the experts are excited about, but he sounds like a fairly solid LHP who could contribute in the majors soon.

He also patterns his game off of Andy Pettitte.

This was a good first day for the Yankees. I was wrong about Tanner Scheppers, who was taken in the second round with the 48th pick by the Pirates.

Update 7:46PM:
The Yankees have also taken Joseph Bittle in the second round and David Adams in the third.

Check out River Ave. for some great draft coverage.


Manny said...

WOW, how have I not seen this blog, I'm a yanks fan in worcester.

DMan said...

Ah so we share the pain.

Hope you enjoy the blog!