Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hey, Someone Gets It.

CBS put up their weekly Power Rankings today which I can never help but look at. Writer Larry Dobrow makes a pretty good comment in the Yankees section when he says:

"The Red Sox spent the past five seasons plunking Derek Jeter with impunity, but now Joba Chamberlain's the jerkhead for going after Kevin "Looooouuuu" Youkilis? The funniest thing is Youkilis seems genuinely surprised every time it happens."

Don't get me wrong, clearly throwing at someones head is a bit different than hitting a guy in the elbow a hundred times, but the point is the same.

When Pedro was here in Boston, he was a well known head-hunter. Who doesn't remember the game where Pedro looked in at Jorge Posada in the dugout while pointing at his head.

A few people spoke up back then, but it seems like people have forgotten how many Yankees have been hit over the last few years in these heated Yankee/Sox games.


Anonymous said...

There's no crying in baseball...but somebody needs to tell "Youk" about that since he's always whining about something!

Anonymous said...

"The funniest thing is Youkilis seems genuinely surprised every time it happens."

How is that funny? Why wouldn't youkilis be surprised that it's him EVERY time? The writer you quote is an idiot.

As far as anonymous, anyone who's been thrown at multiple times at the head would complain.

Throwing at the head is different than pitching inside. You said it yourself. You bring up pedro, who hasn't pitched in boston in 4 years, as an excuse. That's pathetic, not to mention that I'm guessing you can't name anyone he threw at 4 times, because it didn't happen.

And now joba's hurt. Karma's a bitch, eh?