Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Start of Something?

Watching the bats come alive last night was both refreshing and encouraging. Sometimes a game like this can really get a team on a roll.

A few weeks ago, on June 12th, Matsui blasted a grandslam in a Yankee victory over the Oakland A's. This put the Yankees over the .500 mark at 34-33. This seemed to spark the team, as after that game they went 10-4 in the next 14 games.

Of course that didn't last, and the bats had seemed to go silent again during the last few days of June and the beginning of this month.

In last nights game, Giambi bashed a grand slam and had 6 RBI on the game. The rest of the Yankee offense also did their part.

The Yankees are entering a critical part of the year, so lets hope last nights offense performance carries over into the couple weeks.


xbryanx said...

good to see a fellow yankees fan in boston! ive slipped under the radar this year wearing a rays hat around just to stick it to them.

honestly im keeping low expectations right now. yeah, theyre playing better but its either A) a complete fluke or B) a swoon of (more)injuries is right around the corner. our ace is out for the year, none of our AAA boys can cut it, and we have no trade bait to make any improvements really.

maybe we should give shawn chacon a call.

DMan said...

The offense has vanished once again.

It's been hard to watch this team for the most part this year.