Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Don't Trade for a Third Baseman

Ok, heres my stance. The Yankees should not trade anybody for a third baseman.

They shouldn't trade for Crede, Atkins or Miguel Cabrera.

Furthermore, they shouldn't sign Mike Lowell.

Crede is a medicore player, coming off major back surgery. Plus, he'd likely cost the Yankees Johnny Damon. This would be a bad deal for the Yankees.

Go ahead and take a second to look at Garret Atkins home/away spilts.
He has hit .349 in Colorado, and .254 everywhere else..

Cabrera is a great player, no doubt. But hes going to cost the Yankees WAY to much. You don't trade stud pitching.

Mike Lowell is a great player at Fenway, but he would not be suited for the Yankees. Take a look at this article and this spray chart by River Ave Blues He would also more than likely be looking for a 4 year deal. Thats just to long.

The Yankees #1 concern this offseason, after Posada and Rivera, should be the BULLPEN.

Focus on building a dominent bullpen.

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Charles L. Wallace said...

Bronson Sardinha plays a little 3B... :-)