Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A-Rod Probably Back.. So Now What?

Alright so if the rumors are true, and Alex is back in pinstripes, what does that mean for the Yankees?

Well for one thing, it means the Yankees will be fielding basically the same offense as they did this past year.

It also means that they now really need to focus on their pitching.

I'm honestly not sure how to feel about this. I do like Alex, but his playoff record since 2004 really does scare me.

And what is this going to do to the clubhouse chemistry now? He blew the team off, didn't return calls from the other players and basically turned his back on them...

That does honestly worry me.

But... Again, if the Yankees can get some pitching, and solidify the bullpen, the Yankees will once again be a team to fear.


Charles L. Wallace said...

A-Rod made a mistake.
If he owns up and apologizes to the gang, clubhouse chemistry might be even tighter than before.

What's next?
Well, Boston's dalliance with A-Rod is over, so maybe we sign Mike Lowell for first base, because
[1] we can, and
[2] to screw with their minds ;-)

Charles L. Wallace said...

So much for THAT idea, but I hear Chris Duncan might be available....