Friday, September 28, 2007

All Is Calm.. For Now..

So there is a real lull right now. It's pretty apparent to fans I think.. Yes, we still keep an eye on the division, and we can talk about match ups and who we want to play in the post season..

But right now, the remaining games don't hold much interest. I think collectively as fans, we're still soaking in how good it feels to see this team rise up from where it was.

I'll mostly watch these last few games to see our younger players. Following the minors and our younger players is something I really just started doing this year.. I'd always keep an eye on things in the past, but this is the first year I really thoroughly followed our prospects and their development.

Things will get more exciting in the next couple days. We'll hear more about the lineups and the schedule, we'll have stats thrown at us from every direction and we'll have every expert and their brother telling us what's going to happen.

For sure, it'll give us all plenty to talk about.


mlm said...

Red Sox Nation is nervious. The Twins could be spoilers.

Charles L. Wallace said...

It's very, very true - youth will be served. I'm excited about the playoffs, sure, but I am also excited about the Hot Stove league and who is going where, and I'm excited for Spring Training, to see who will come up and who will stick. Much more talent than in previous times, and it feels good.