Monday, September 24, 2007

Yanks drop makeup game 4-1

Ick. Game went pretty quick today... Wasn't to strong of a showing as Litsch shut the Yankees down only allowing 1 run on 5 hits..

Andy Pettitte ran into one bad inning, but that's all it took..

This loss gives the Yankees a record of 28-27 in day games...

Compare that to their record of 62-39 in night games..

Apparently the Yankees need some better sunglasses, or something..


Andrew Fletcher said...

They need to stop making early dinner reservations.

Andrea said...

It was quite fast. I didn't realize that until I was driving home and NOT stuck in rushour traffic. While I love not being stuck in traffic, I'll take it if it means that they'll actually play.

Charles L. Wallace said...

Anyone else notice that while Andy comes up HUGE after a Yankees' loss, he seems to have more trouble when following a win?