Thursday, September 20, 2007

Panic Much?

Here in Boston, there is now officially panic.

Today is the first day that you can actually feel it in the air. From the radio, to the office, the Red Sox are the topic of conversation.

I'm already hearing people say 'We'll at least we have the Patriots..'

I've heard people bringing back the slogans and catch phrases they used back in 2003 and 2004, you know, when they were the underdogs.

There are actually people panicking enough to give up on a team whose magic-number to make the playoffs is 3. I'm starting to actually hear people justify the wild card, saying that it will actually be to the Sox benefit to get into the playoffs that way..

I just do not understand this city and this fan base. I think this is the first time they've had to sweat all season long, and they're clearly over-reacting. It's amusing to say the least.

After the early season woes us Yankee fans had to endure, I won't pretend I don't get just a little enjoyment out of watching the fans around here finally sweat a bit.

Lets keep up the optimism. Lets go Yankees!


Charles L. Wallace said...

Happening from my perspective, too. Lots of wildcard justification, lots of parachute jokes. Francona put in Paps while losing, and he got torched to make it worse. The town is picking up on this as panic. I call it "The Curse Never Really Died". That's a good thing, because we are still in their head, and that gives us an advantage every time we play them. Works for me :-)
Now, what if:
What if Francona using up Papelbon like we just discussed kills Jonathon's outlook? Can he be ruined as a reliever? That would be sad, if it happens.

DMan said...

Who knows. Seriously this game works in funny ways. Some players get into the mental aspect of the game a lot, and it seems like some don't at all.

I hope you're right though. I hope we are in the Sox heads now.. I know we're at least in their fans heads.

Rebecca said...

It's crazy.

Boston has no pitching outside of Beckett.

My friend is threatening violence.

I think I am going to really, really enjoy being in Manhattan on Sunday!