Monday, September 24, 2007

And Around The Turn They Come

7 games remain in the 2007 MLB regular season. The Yankees magic number sits at 2, which means a Yankee win coupled with a Tigers loss will guarantee the Yankees a play off spot.

They do still sit 1.5 games back in the division.. That half game will be decided today as the Yankees play a makeup game and the Red Sox are off.

But don't get caught up to much in the division race. The Yankees are 3 games into a 10 game stretch that ends when the regular season ends.. Look for Torre to try and get his guys some regular rest once the Yankees clinch the wild card.

There's been a lot of debate about whether or not the Yankees should push for the division title, but that debate as been between the fans. The Yankees will focus on making the playoffs and setting up their pitching staff for the first round. The Yankees have cut the Red Sox lead by 13 games. Even if they don't catch them, that's still pretty amazing.

Lets hope the Yankees clinch tonight. It all starts at 1:00PM with the makeup game. If the Yankees win, all eyes will be on Detroit's match up with Minnesota..

Lets hope tonight we're celebrating another Yankee trip to the postseason.


Charles L. Wallace said...

The odds are good.... what with the Tigs playing the way they are, we could lose all of our games and still make it in. But, we won't. I'm okay with setting up the rotation to favor the post-season, and giving guys a game off, but nothing like 8 scrubs on the field to start the game, or any such momentum-killing nonsense. Remember, the only thing the Prevent Defense actually prevents is winning ;-)

DMan said...

Right thats my feeling too.. I think teams should just rest players in the same pattern and for the same reasons they have been the whole season.. I don't like seeing a perfectly fine player benched for 3 days until the playoffs start.