Saturday, September 22, 2007

That Was Tough To Take

Brian Bruney just isn't very good... Pretty simple.. The man can't throw enough strikes.

But, Torre was basically out of options. Olendorf was warming, but I think Joe knew he might actually need a relief pitcher for todays game..

Not much really to say, the Yankee bats were shut down for all but 1 inning last night.

I will say this though, they should have given Shelley a chance to hit.

So the Yanks will go out and try it again today. It was suppose to be Kennedy but he was scratched.. Then it was Clemens, but he's now been scratched... So Hughes will get the ball today.

Don't stop believing everybody. Go Yankees!

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Charles L. Wallace said...

I wonder how much the sports hernia and bone bruise are hurting Shelley? Interesting note from Saint Louis: Chris Duncan [Shelley's bro] is saying that the hernia that each is experiencing may be a result of lifting weights together; each trying to outlift the other!! Man....