Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Edwar Enigma

Edwar is a strange player. Some nights his change up has the whole stadium fooled, other nights, even casual fans can tell what the pitch is when it leaves his hand..

In 25 games a AAA this year, Edwar pitched a total of 40 innings. In those 40 innings, he gave up 20 hits, stuck out 69 and didn't give up a single home run.. He also only walked 14..

This gave him a 0.90 ERA and a ridiculous 15.53 K per 9 ratio..

Those numbers are completely out the window in the majors

Starting September 5th, Edwar appeared in 4 games, giving up 3 hits, striking out 5 and not giving up a run..

However, he has now given up at least 1 run in his last 5 appearances, while only striking out 3..

He's pitched 1.2 innings against the Devil Rays and given up 9 earned runs.. That's a 48.60 ERA...

I really think the Yankees want him on the play off roster because his change up is so different from what the other relief pitchers throw.. But right you have no idea what Edwar is going to do when he goes out there. He might stirke out the side, he might give up 4 runs, or he might give up 4 runs, but still manage to stirke 3 batters out..

I for one can't figure it out.

Lets not worry about the post season roster though. The Yankees can again clinch tonight. So Go Yankees.


Andrew Fletcher said...

He's pitched too poorly to warrant as many looks as he's been getting.

Anonymous said...

The starters need to go 6 innings minimum. If not, the Yankees will not make it through the first round. -mlm

Charles L. Wallace said...

Maybe sit Edwar for the DS and CS since the AL teams have pretty much seen him, but keep him in our hip pocket for the WS?