Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Numbers Game

The Yankees are 3.5 games behind the Red Sox, and 3 in the loss column. The Yankees have 12 games remaining. The Tigers are now are 3.5 games behind the Yankees. The Tigers have 11 games remaining. The Yankees magic number for the wild card sits at 9.

The Yankees are now 8-2 in their last 10, the Red Sox are are 5-5.

The Indians and Angels have the same record, at 88-62. This also puts them 2 games behind the Red Sox for the best record in the league. There seems to be a big debate about who we want to play the first round betwen the Indians and Angels. We can't worry about it. Focus on today and todays game. The playoff seeds will sort themselves out, and the Yankees will be ready for whomever they face.

Here in Boston, there is a sense of unease but I wouldn't say anyone is worried. They see those games against Tampa coming up, and they don't see how they can lose. However I do think they're overlooking how much ground the Yankees have made up.. After tonight though, there could be panic in the streets.

By the by.. I couldn't watch the game last night, did the squirrel show up?


Andrea said...

I was at the game in the bleachers, and I kept an eye on the foul pole--I didn't see the squirrel. That doesn't mean the YES crew didn't spot him and show him on TV, but I did not see him.

I've never seen him in person! I've got tickets to 2 more games....there's still time!

Charles L. Wallace said...

Man, this is shaping up to be quite a finish!! Manny's probably back on Wednesday, but if Sox lose tonight, and we win, can they stave off collapse? Sure is quiet over on the NY Post :-)

Anonymous said...

Two words:
Squirrel Power!

Charles L. Wallace said...

Wow! That squirrel is certainly prolific!! Go Scooter!! Go Yankees!

Yankees Fan in Boston said...

Hah. Go Yankees! Go Scooter!


Im sure he'll make an apperance for you eventually! 2 more games? Nice!


It's great to be so captivated by baseball this late into the season. Theres so many storylines to follow this year!

Charles L. Wallace said...

There sure are!! Very, very enjoyable :-)

Eolande said...

Great work.