Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"Don't Stop Believin'"

Journey. Where would the world of karaoke be without them?

This song, in case you missed it, was played when the final score of the game between the Red Sox and Blue Jays was shown.. The blue jays rally late to win, bringing the Yankees within 2.5 games of the division..

Can it happen? Of course it can!

Detroit falls again, pushing them back 4.5 games.. There are 11 games left..

Moose was brilliant and probably just had himself penciled in as a starter when the post season in begins.

This season and this team has a different feel then in years past.. Last years Yankees swept Boston in a 5 game series, and every Yankee fan rejoiced. I felt good about that team... But, it doesn't even compare to how good I feel about this one. You can see it in their eyes and on their faces. I think we can all sense something when we watch this team..

Sometimes I think maybe it's just the blogging circles we're in that has our optimism running high, and that maybe the majority of Yankee fans aren't comfortable with this team. However when I take a trip outside this little community that we have, and when I read papers and message boards, people are genuinely excited about this team and about this season.

It has been awhile since I've been this captivated by baseball, and it feels good. There is an excitement in the air, and it grows stronger after every game. It's good to be a Yankee fan.

How's everyone else feeling?


saucy said...

i feel great. thanks :)

seriously though. baseball is on my mind so much lately. i usually start watching a game about 15 minutes late so i can fast forward through the commercials on tivo. so far this week, i've wanted to fastforward right to the next day's game, after hearing the interviews of course...

Anonymous said...

It's having that feeling from that Thursday night game in 2003 after Aaron Boone hit the home run - but having it over and over every night. And also having the sick to your stomach, chew all your nails, feeling leading up to that moment over and over as well. Just a great time to be a fan of the game and a Yankees fan especially!