Monday, September 10, 2007

What to Watch Tonight

Tampa Bay at Boston

Keep an eye on Shilling, he'll be pitching Sunday against the Yankees.

Toronto at Detroit

Toronto is just 30-43 on the road, but, they do have there ace Doc Halladay on the mound. He hasn't been as great this year but lets hope he pulls out one of those starts that won him the Cy-Young in 2003.

Oakland at Seattle

Seattle's starter Horacio Ramirez has a 6.45 ERA.... Oakland's Joe Blanton has a 3.81 ERA.


saucy said...

stupid tigers. and hooray to schilling for wasting a good performance and, you know, getting it out of the way. hopefully all the effectiveness is out of him.

Yankees Fan in Boston said...

Yah what a game. 13 strikeouts pitched by the D-Rays, including one to end the game.

5 games back!

Charles L. Wallace said...

Schill looked pretty good [hope yer right, saucy!] but Kaz looked like the 2nd Coming of Koufax :-)
I have a good feeling for tonight.
Wish it was in The Stadium instead of Rogers Centre, though.