Thursday, September 13, 2007

Moose talks to Squirrel, pitches better

Ok well, I don't know for a fact that Mike Mussina sat down and had a chat with the squirrel, but I can only assume since he pitched so well.

I know you were all like me, and you cringed a bit when you saw Moose penciled in as the starter. But he came out and pitched great, and with each out Yankee fans collectively relaxed a little bit. Now, Yankee fans will sit back and hope to see a healthy, effective Clemens pitch on Sunday..

The Yankees gave him a 2 run lead before he even took the mound, and those turned out to be the only runs the Yankees would need. He walked 3 and only struck out 1, but it was still a solid performance.

In the playoffs (which, the Yankees will make), You have Wang then Pettitte.. But the rest of the rotation is still up in the air. Moose clearly helped his case to be the third starter tonight, but he needs to pitch well in more than just 1 game. Sunday, Clemens will get his chance to show the Yankees that he belongs in that third spot.

The Yankees go for #8 in a row tonight, with another rookie on the mound.

Speaking of rookies, The Trenton Thunder beat Akron 3-2 last night, to take a 2-0 lead in their best of 5 playoff series. Chase Wright got the win, pitching 7 and giving up 1 earned run. Don't give up on him yet.
Read more about it here.

Keep up the optimism Yankee fans!


Anonymous said...

I like the way you, Rebecca, Vito and company are all operating this optimism thing. It's so much more enjoyable to read the blog during the game when everyone is looking on the bright side instead of doom and gloom. Plus - it seems to be working!

Charles L. Wallace said...

Power of Positive Thinking :-)
Go Yanks!!