Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another day, another win

The Yankees have won 6 in a row and are 7-3 in their last 10. They've also won the first 4 of this 11 game road trip. Not to shabby.

The Sox won too, pushing their magic number down to 13 and remaining 5 games up... Though only 4 in the loss column.

Detroit spilt their doubleheader with Texas, allowing the Yankees to pick up a half game on them. That sets Detroit 4 games back and sets the Yankees magic wild card number at 14.

Seattle.. They are 6.5 games back and are dangerously close to being dropped out of the playoff discussion completely (if they haven't been already).

Phil pitched well enough. I thought he looked pretty solid.. 3 hits in 6 innings shows that when he goes after hitters, he can get them off-balance. He struck out 1 tonight, while walking 3.. Most people would like to see more strikeouts, but as Wang has showed, you don't always need to blow people away to be effective.

He did though, throw 106 pitches in just 6 innings.. That's to many... It did look at times like he didn't want to challenge the hitters by just going after them. But, again, 3 hits and 3 walks is pretty good.

Edwar (K-Ram), had that ridiculous change working tonight. He's fun to watch. 5 strikeouts in 2 innings for him.

And we got our first look at Ohlendorf. The consensus seems to be that he looked real comfortable on a major league mound, but we're all going to need to see him more before we can draw any real conclusions.

The Yankees go for 7 in a row tonight, and the optimism levels couldn't be higher. It's also been a few days now since we last saw Joba. If they pitch him tonight, he could get his off day tomorrow and be ready for the Sox this weekend...

And on a spooky note that I somehow missed and just saw over on Peter Abraham's LoHud blog.. The Yankees had 9 runs on 11 hits on the 6th anniversary of 9/11... Strange..


Anonymous said...

Spooky for sure. I agree the jury is still out on Ohlendorf - but he sure looked good last night. Nice blog by the way - you seem to find some unique links for updates and stories.

Anonymous said...

PS - it's no maas rather than No Mass. But the link works anyway.