Friday, September 21, 2007

Work left to do

Well the Yankees are flying high right now, and we fans are soaking it all in.

But, there is still work to do. The Yankees magic number sits at 5. They are a very solid 5.5 games up on the Tigers, but they are not in the playoffs just yet.

It's great fun to be right on the Red Sox heels, especially around here where panic is taking over the streets. But the Yankees need to finish off the wild card and clinch a spot in the playoffs.

They now go to play the Blue Jays, who throw out their best pitching rotation at the Yankees.

The Yankees will make the playoffs, but it's easy to focus to much on the post season and such before that happens. All the talk about resting players and such can't really come into play until the Yankees have actually clinched a spot. Then the debate about chasing the division title can really kick in.

I suffered from heavy Yankee baseball withdrawals yesterday so I'm looking forward to tonight's game.

Go Yankees!


Anonymous said...

like the site, have you visited,
He's a little crazy, most of the time just out right rude, but for fellow yankees fan in new england its fun reading these blogs.

Charles L. Wallace said...

Work left to do.
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